Warfare Officer

Hero image for the Warfare Officer gameWarfare Officer is a bizzarre mix of real-time strategy and arcade explosiveness (if there is such a thing).

Take control of three Australian navel ships and lead them on a mission to destroy the enemy base whilst protecting your own.

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Strike Fighter – Behind the scenes

So, how was Strike Fighter built? Well, for starters it is all done in flash, which I think would be kinda obvious since that is what I tend to work with.

The rest was a combination of some basic 3D and a few little tricks. To find out more, read on :)

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Strike Fighter

Striker Fighter is an 80’s style arcade shooter that I built at Visual Jazz for the Defence Jobs Games website. It was really fun to build and really fun to play. At least, I think it is. I spent so long on it that it has become hard to tell :)

It was actually completed months ago, I’ve just been lazy about adding it to my site.
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Jay Jays Jayvatar Builder Goes Live

This week the Jay Jays Jayvatar Builder that Visual Jazz created went live. It’s a cool little tool that lets you create your own custom avatar for use on the Jay Jays site.

Whith a very unique style and heaps of options you are sure to create some very cooky characters.

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Enviromaniac Games

Icon for the Enviromaniacs showcaseA few months back, Visual Jazz (the place I work) was building a new site for Visy called Visy Enviromaniacs. The purpose of the site was to help educate children about the environment, teaching them about recycling, saving energy, etc.

To help make the learning for fun and keep the kids interested, a major section of the site was a series of mini games with a planet saving theme. It was my job to build those games… I love my job :)

Read on to hear about the games, and then check them out at VISY Enviromaniacs.
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Sciences at Melbourne Website

Did you ever get the feeling that you were being tested? That’s what happened to me with this site. The designers I work with at Visual Jazz really like to push us developers some times.

When I first saw the designs for it I remember saying to myself ‘Gosh darn! How is one supposed to go about doing that??’ (I may have used some more colourful language but you get the jist) I had never done 3D before, and that was just the beginning. There was depth of field, keyed out video, and a pile of information to be displayed.

Luckily, it all came together in the end – you can read about how in this post.

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Virtual Bakery

Sometimes in this line of work someone gives you a job that is nothing but fun.

Visual Jazz was rebuilding the entire Baker’s Delight website, and as a bit of a side project we were given the task of building a virtual bakery in Flash. The bakery was to be a high gloss virtual representation of one of their stores, allowing visitors to browse through a sample selection of their products.

It was a simple project with a pretty cool looking result. Read on to find out some of the features, and then check it out at http://www.bakersdelight.com.au/virtual.html.

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Liv Doll Microsite

Liv Doll Microsite IconWorking at Visual Jazz does expose me to some interesting scenarios/ I mean, playing with dolls for a couple of weeks isn’t my usual idea of a good time, but this funky little microsite had some pretty cool features that had my brain ticking over the whole time.

Some interesting 3D modelling and animation coupled with my first attempt augmented reality in flash made for some puzzling times. Drench all that in a healthy dose of girly-ness and you get www.livinmyworld.com.au.

Read on to find out more some of the more nerdy details :)

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Colorado Microsite

Colorado is tough at work and at play. Thats the idea behind this microsite that I helped build at Visual Jazz. The whole thing was built in flash and oozed manliness from start to finish.

It was my job to do all the flash programming to make this site come to life.

Read on to hear me ramble on a bit more about some of the details.

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Jetstar Photo Competition Site

Last year, Jetstar ran a photography competition that was open to both amateurs and professionals. There were 5 categories that people could enter, with the only requirement being that the photograph be taken in one of the destinations that Jestar flies to.

Overall the site was a big success and ended up getting over 35,000 entries.

The entire site was built in Flash and working at Visual Jazz, I was on the team that helped put it all together.

You can check out the site at http://www.jetstarphotocomp.com/ then read on here for a brief run through of what I did on it.

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