New Visual Jazz Site

Apparently it has taken numerous years of design, development.. then some more design.. and some more dev… coffee, design… dev.. etc. but Visual Jazz (the place where I work) has finally got a new website up and running. Yay!

A screen shot showing what the new Visual Jazz Website looks like

Apart from the cool design, the best part of the site is the tiny little characters walking around the site – sitting, dancing, etc.

Andrew Sevenson's avatar used as Visual JazzFor those of you that don’t know, every employee at VJ is has a custom designed avatar created for use in their emails, business cards, presentations, etc. My little character is off the side here – A man in a gorilla suit working at a laptop.

The plan for the site is to eventually have everyone’s avatar appearing on the site randomly. You can identify each avatar by rolling your mouse over them – their name will appear above.

As an added bit of fun, you can throw characters into the air and see how far they travelled. For the record my best is about 2000m, but I have heard rumours of people breaking the 3000m mark.

My avatar recently made it onto the site, so check it out at and see if you can find me.

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