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Last year, Jetstar ran a photography competition that was open to both amateurs and professionals. There were 5 categories that people could enter, with the only requirement being that the photograph be taken in one of the destinations that Jestar flies to.

Overall the site was a big success and ended up getting over 35,000 entries.

The entire site was built in Flash and working at Visual Jazz, I was on the team that helped put it all together.

You can check out the site at then read on here for a brief run through of what I did on it.

Overall the site wasn’t overly huge. There was only about 6 different sections to the site, but some of them were a little bit tricky due to the integration with the backend database.

The major part I worked on was the photo gallery, which ended up being one of the more complex parts of the site.

The main code for the gallery was based on TiltViewer. It did everything it was supposed to very well, but it had to be altered a fair bit to achieve the desired effect. It had to be set up to work with the custom CMS that had been developed in house, as well as display a custom ‘detail’ screen of the image.

It also needed to be able to support deep linking to particular photos via the use of SWFAddress, as well as the general filtering you would expect on a gallery of this type, including category and keyword.

On an nerdy note, I had to do some alterations in order to improve the performance, due to the fact that the images we were showing were a fair bit bigger then would normally be used. This included, strangely enough, limiting the amount of tilt that was used on the grid – I’m guessing that had something to do with the 3D engine?. The other thing, which made a bit more sense, was to reduce the complexity of the transitions used.

The other section that I worked on was the home page – it basically just showed the photos of the week, which were pulled from the database via the CMS. In relation to the gallery, it was not very hard at all :)

You can check out the site at You can also read a bit about it over a the Visual Jazz Site.

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2 Responses to Jetstar Photo Competition Site

  1. Shane Mullen says:

    I have a good photo of myself and my son with a Jetstar plane in the background. Wondered if you wanted to use it for marketing?

  2. Thanks for the offer, but I no longer work for the company that does the JetStar website etc.

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