Original Grabbit

Catching as many bugs as you can – that’s what Grabbit is all about.

You play as a frog, sitting on the side of the pond. As bugs fly over your head you use your tongue to catch as many as you can. To keep things interesting, there is a timer counting down the whole time. Every time you catch 10 bugs, you get a little bit more time.

The longer you last, the harder the bugs are to catch, and the more points you get.

See if you can get the highest score!

Click to play Grabbit


  • Use your mouse to click where you want the frog’s tongue to shoot to.
  • Every 10 bugs you catch results in a time extension.
  • The further your tongue shoots out, the more ‘tongue strain’ you will build up.
  • If your ‘tongue strain’ reaches full you will not be able to reach as far.

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