Marble Buster

Marble Buster is an odd game. It is simple in its requirements but requires planning in order to achieve high scores.

You start off with a board full of randomly coloured marbles. When you click on a group of two or more matching colours, they disappear, and the grid collapses to fill the gaps. The bigger the group you match, the more points you earn.

It’s simple but pretty addictive.

Open Marble Buster


  • Use your mouse to select a set of marbles (two or more adjoinging marbles of the same colour). You will be given an indication of how many points they are worth.
  • Click that group again and they will disappear.
  • The remaining marbles will collapse to fill the gaps. First they will drop straight down, and then they will slide right to fill any gaps.
  • Everytime the left most column is empty, new marbles will be added to the board.

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