Guide your frog to eat as many bugs as he can before the time runs out! Be warned though, the bugs will fight back!

Grabbit is a fast paced action game of skill, accuracy and endurance where you use your frog’s tongue to swat as many bugs as you can. With arcade style power-ups, hazards and 3 different styles of play you are sure to be wearing your fingers out.


Use your tongue to catch as many bugs as you can – that’s pretty much it!

1. Press down on your Frog

2. Swipe to where you want to aim.

3. Your frog’s tongue will
go to that position

Game Modes

Classic Mode

Catch as many bugs as you can before the timer runs out. Target the highlighted bugs in order to achieve a time extension and move on to the next level.


Control two frogs at once in a mad one minute dash to see how many bugs you can catch. There are no time extensions here so go as hard and as fast as you can

Head to Head

Grab a friend and go head to head in a classic two player split screen battle. Fight over he same bugs and use power-ups to slow down your opponent.

Meet the bugs

Here are some of the bugs you will encounter in your travels

Green Bug
The most basic of bugs – easy to catch

Blue Bug
A little bit faster but still easy to catch

Purple Bug
A little bit faster and more random

Red Bug
The fastest and most random of the basic bugs

Small, fast and very random

A little bit slow, but will sometime fight back

Slow moving but gives you a shock if you try to eat it when it is lit up

Yellow Bug
Smaller than the normal bugs, they fly in single file across the screen
10pts each, or 1000pts if you catch them all. In Classic you also get a 10sec time bonus if you catch them all


Here are the different power-ups you may see in the game:

Good Power-ups

These power-ups will give you a bit of an advantage

Protects you from most hazards and speeds up the speed of your tongue

Wide Tongue
Makes your tongue twice as wide so it is easier to catch bugs

Gives you a secondary frog to control

Slow Motion
Slows down the the world so it is easier to catch the bugs

Bug Grow
Makes all the bugs on your screen grow so that they are easier to catch

Gives you a random power-up from this list


Head to Head Good Power-ups

These power-ups will slow down your opponent (only available in head to head)

Covers up your opponent’s screen with an ink splat so that they cannot see properly

Causes your opponent to get struck by lightning

Bug Shrink
Makes all the bugs on your opponents screen shrink so they are harder to catch

Tongue Tied
Ties a knot in your opponents frog so it is harder for them to catch bugs

Drops a crate on your opponents head

Causes an Anvil to fall on your opponents head


Bad Power-ups

Avoid these if you can – they will slow you down.

Covers up your screen with an ink splat making it hard for you to see

Tongue Tied
Ties a knot in your frog’s tongue reducing your overall range

Bug Shrink
Makes all the bugs on your screen shrink so they are harder to catch

Lightning<br/Causes you to be struck by lightning

Drops a crate on your head

Drops an Anvil on your head


Sometime a Bee will carry in an Anvil with the intention of dropping it on your head. If you are quick enough you can get the bug before he is over you and he will safely drop the anvil next to you.

Just like an Anvil, a Bee will sometimes carry in a crate. The only difference is that a crate will sometimes contain a power-up that is released when it breaks open.

Tips and Tricks

Here’s some tips for getting good scores

  • Don’t stop – Try and keep a steady pace and don’t take too long to thing about it
  • Accuracy over speed – you can’t shoot again until your mouth is closed so don’t waste energy constantly swiping
  • Go for Combos – the score you get for catching bugs in multiplied by the combo. Great Combos give you 10x the usual score, and Mega Combos give you 20x the normal score
  • Keep a both hands free – the twin combo can be really powerful, but its hard to use with just one hand
  • Go nuts with the Invincible power-up – especially when going up against Fire Flies.
  • Grab the bugs carrying the Bad Power-ups – they are worth 100pts. Just avoid the power-up once it starts to fall
  • Tap to recover – if you get stunned, start tapping on your frog to make him recover faster
  • Have fun – its just a game after all