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A single player reimagining of the classic arcade tennis game!
Battle your way through 5 different levels, each offering a variety of different obstacles that are sure to keep you on your toes!

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Take control of the paddles and use them to keep the ball alive. If the ball gets past your paddle, the game is over.

Instruction Diagram

You get given points for each time you hit the ball with a paddle. Most obstacles also give points when then are hit by the ball.

Extra Lives

Slappy Paddle Extra Life If you an extra life you can choose to continue a game for an even higher score.

If you have less than 5 extra lives available, you will be awarded 1 every 20 mins. You can also choose to get 10 lives immediately by watching an advertisement.

Very rarely an extra life will appear in game. If you hit it with the ball, you will earn an extra life.


Currently Slappy Paddles has 5 levels available – each with their own unique properties and obstacles. New levels become unlock by passing milestones in the earlier levels.

Slappy Paddles Level - Original


Original is called original because, it was the first level created. It has a very basic layout and a good mix of obstacles to get you started.

Slappy Paddles Level - Pinball


A pinball themed level where paddles knock the ball around and most of the obstacles are bumper related.

Slappy Paddles Level - 8 Bit

8 Bit

Based on video games from the classic 80’s era, this level has a unique arcade style which is complimented by a number of obstacles based on some classic arcade games.

Slappy Paddles Level - Mini Golf

Mini Golf

With lots of bumpers and some random tunnels, this mini golf themed course is sure to keep you guessing.

Slappy Paddles Level - Dark


Based heavily on the original level, this stage mixes things up by turning off the lights. Let the glow of the ball light your way!


Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play