Marbelous 2

Our popular marble matching game is back!

Rebuilt from the ground up, Marbelous 2 is a complete remake of the origina, with many of the same game modes people loved, plus a couple of extras.

Built using Unity, the new version is now compatible with even more devices.

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The basic idea behind Marbelous is to match and remove marbles of the same style. Tap/Click them once to select the group and see how many points they are worth. Tap/Click them again to remove them. The more Marbles you group together, the more points you get.

1. Select a set of matching marbles to see what they are worth by clicking on them.

2. Click on them again again to remove them from the grid.

3. The grid will collapse to fill in the gaps.

If you remove 5 or more marbles in one go you will be rewarded with a Wild Card marble that can be used to match any colour.
Where available, clicking on an arrow will rotate the game board either -90°, +90° or 180°. This will cause the marbles to collapse to fill the gaps.
Where available, the Timer Bar shows how much time you have left before the game is over. Once it reached the bottom, the game is complete.
Where available, the Power Bar shows your progress towards earning a power move. Once the bar is full, the Power Button will become available.
Activating it, the makes your next selection on the grid much more powerful.

That’s the basics – each game mode has a slight variation in the game play so read on to find out what game type suits you.

Game Modes


Race against the clock to match as many marbles as you can before the time runs out. You can rotate the grid to control how the marbles fall.

Every time you remove a selection you add more time to the timer bar – if you fill it up, you will progress to the next level where the marbles are worth more points. Clearing the top row triggers more marbles to be added to the grid.

Every group of 3 or more selected builds up the power bar which when full awards you with a special powerup that can be used to remove a group of marbles.


Dash is a fast paced version of the game where you are only given 2 minutes to play.

The mechanics are very similar to Standard except that there are no levels or time extensions.  Removing marbles does not add any time to the timer bar.

Once the timer has completed, the game is over.


Clockwork is similar to Standard except that you are given no control over the rotation of the grid.

Every 10 seconds the grid will automatically rotate clockwise 90°.

The game is over when the time bar is empty.


Tumble is another game mode where you have no control over the rotation of the grid.

The grid will rotate at random intervals in random directions.

The game is over when the time bar is empty.


Limited is a variation where instead of a timer you are limited in the number of times you can rotate the board.

The game is over when you have exhausted all of your grid rotations and you have no more matches available.


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