Memento Gifts Website

The Memento Gifts website is a database driven site that is used to display over 2000 different promotional products.

Running off of PHP and MySQL, the site allows users to:

  • browse through various categories
  • search via keywords
  • explore costing for various branding techniques
  • create their own list of products (shopping cart)

The main purpose of the site was to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to find the products they were after.

The site can be checked out at

The products were divided into three main categories – promotional products, clothing and indent (custom made). Each category can be displayed by either category/subcategory or by a price range.

The ability to search any or all of the sections based on keywords was also added to make finding products easier.

A pricing matrix allows potential customers to calculate prices based on quantities and branding methods, allowing them to compare saving based on different combinations.

‘My Catalogue’ allows users to create a list of items that can then be used to request a quote from the staff at Memento Gifts.

Other sections of the site offer customers helpful information on things such as branding types, file formats, image resolutions, etc.

The actual site can seen at

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