DisplacementMapFilter Tester

Recently I did some work on the a project that required me to use some Displacement Maps. I have never used them before, but after playing with them for a bit I soon realised something… they are very awesome.

They do take a little bit of getting used to, so to help with the experimentation I created this little app that makes it easy to test out different image and maps combinations.

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Epica Microsite

Working at Visual Jazz I tend to get to involved with some pretty cool Holden projects – a lot of which are flash based microsites.

One of those sites was for the Holden Epica.

Built entirely in flash, I was responsible for coding most of this site. In comparison to some of the other websites I’ve worked on it wasn’t very big, but it did come up looking pretty cool with a very cool / clean look that I really liked.

Read on to get a bit of a spiel and then check it out at here.

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